Blue Getaway

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We were supposed to be in Girona, Spain right now, and preparing to head to Eastern Europe for another 6 weeks. With that trip canned, due to Covid 19, Linda and I started looking for an alternative getaway at home. We settled on a week in Noosa, Queensland. I’d be heading up first, for an organised cycling trip, Linda, not wanting to miss Mattie and Jordan playing soccer, was due to meet me on the Monday.

Yep, she was going to forgo a weekend in Noosa for a game of soccer.

Those plans were also cancelled when the state borders were closed.

We settled for five days in the Blue Mountains. And it was great! Although, I’m not sure about this break lining up in conjunction with Linda’s 10,000 steps per day Challenge. Which, by the way, means a MINIMUM of 10k steps per day!

We’d visited the Blue Mountains plenty of times in the past and this trip was by far, the best we’ve had… all due to a great website we found, which listed the top 10 walks and 20 best lookouts in the mountains.

Armed with our two lists, we discovered and saw a whole new side to the Blue Mountains and loved it.

Day 1, we arrived late afternoon (had to leave after the boys played soccer… and I got a ride in), checked into our Airbnb at Katoomba and headed down to Echo Point to see the mandatory 3 Sisters.

Following the touristy photos, it was off to dinner at The Savoy Cafe where for some reason, I thought when Linda said she’d share her dessert, I’d get maybe close to half. Instead, while distracting me, she managed to scour the insides of a chocolate pudding and somehow left me what can only be called the carcass of what came out as a lovely looking dessert.

Day 2 and the pattern of starting the day with a walk began. We took our cousin, Charmian’s advice and did the undercliff walk to Wentworth Falls followed by a visit to Lincoln’s Rock.

Lincoln’s Rock was surprisingly quiet but we did meet Jay – Stranger #49 in my 100 Strangers Project.

Later that evening, we caught a spectacular sunset at Boars Head – we both agreed this is where I should have proposed to Linda in 1995… instead of a restaurant at Batemans Bay.

The following morning we drove a 4wd track in our little 2wd and made it to the drop off point for the walk to Castle Head Lookout.

After a late breakfast, we checked out of Katoomba and made the move to a great little Airbnb at Blackheath.

The following morning was a killer walk after a sleep in. The Grand Canyon walk sounded amazing, and it was – except for the 45 minutes of climbing stairs to get back out. It was worth it though.

Linda, still looking for more steps to add to her tally decided on an easy afternoon walk. We met a lovely local lady who told us about another nice spot for sunset. So, we headed back, grabbed a bottle of wine and left for a short drive to Hargraves Lookout over the Megalong Valley.

Thursday was here before we knew it and with only two days left, we chose Butterbox Point on what was the windiest day we’d experienced in a long time! With gusts over 70km/h, it didn’t feel safe near any of the cliff edges.

I’d be keen to check this spot again, on a calmer day… and ideally with a 4wd after the loooong dirt road drive to the starting point.

I took the afternoon off and Linda headed back out for another walk to add to her tally for the day. She’s a machine!

Our last day was here and the plan was to get Linda’s 10k steps in before breakfast and our checkout time. We chose Hanging Rock as the target lookout and the walk almost broke me – I’d had enough walking!

In saying that, it was worth it… although, it would have been so much nicer to get out here on a mountain bike. 🙂

All in all, what a great week! So many laughs and so good to get away together.

Some highlights to remember for us…

Woolworths, Big W, fruit salad, bullets, more f%&*^%g steps, I forgot my shoes, what are we doing for not the next meal but the one after?

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