Same Team!

A big stretch... an even bigger line.

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Twenty-twenty has been a shit year for a lot of people and for good reason. There were still some positives for the Hellmich family. This was the first year in many, that both Mattie and Jordan are playing in the same team.

A prouder mother/manager you’ll never see! Linda has simply been beaming all season and looks forward to Sunday more than any other day.

To be fair, we’ve both loved seeing our two boys, hanging out together more than ever. It’s a simple thing, but special none the less, to hear our boys say goodbye as they head off to training. Linda and I look at each other and smile – there’s something that stirs a sense of pride that we’ve done something good when our boys are happy together.

In saying all that, it’s been a rubbish season with glimpses of good football and few wins. But who cares if everyone is enjoying themselves?

A prouder, happier mum, you’ll never see!


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